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Ugly shade of brown coloring.
My gawd! The Joneses bought a new Cadillac and paid cash, but the color they picked out was turd brown.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
In ebonics, the same as children.
Lula had to work sunrise to sunset to support her eight chirrins as she never married.
by Richard Black March 01, 2005
Long, frilly skin on an uncircumsized penis.
Takeshia pulled back Tyrone's lace curtains to get at the head of his meat.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
n. small amount of change (coins). (Southern US dialect).
Bubba went into the country store to ask for foldin' money for the chicken feed he had in his pocket.
by Richard Black September 25, 2007
n. In ebonics the coin with George Washington's picture on the obverse side. It can be 'broken' into several combinations of lesser valued coins.
Shi'thead to the grocery store cashier, "Give me a solid quarter for these two dimes and a nickel."
by Richard Black September 25, 2007
Bite size pieces of watermelon. When eating watermelon properly, one usually uses a knife and fork and eats chunks of watermelon which are like bite-size pieces of the fruit. Watermelon is mainy water so eating a lot of it causes one to urinate frequently, the same as drinking beer does.

"Son, put some salt on those piss chunks, and you won't have to go so often."

by Richard Black August 18, 2006
n. kissing after a gay couple has had oral sex and the receiving partner not having swallowed so the two can savor the load.
Nick never swallowed when Kelvin came in his mouth. He believed in sharing and gave back a portion of Nick's load when he kissed him after finishing sex. At a party the other night, they found out this was called oral felching.
by Richard Black May 10, 2005

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