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It's kind of funny how people who have never been to the north shore in there entire lives, think they know anything about the North Shore. Yes there are preppy bitchy people, but the vast majority of people here are just normal. There are people with beach houses and yachts, but there are very few of them. I live in Wilmette, and I go to new trier, so I know how it is. My parents aren't going to buy me a car, I work three part time jobs to save up for college. I bike to school, in the middle of the winter. Most of you are just pissed, because you wish you lived here, and you wish our sports teams didn't cream you at every game. I'm not gonna lie, It's a nice place to live, and the people here are very friendly.
And If every one is just going to assume the worst of people here, Then maybe we'll start living up to your expectations.
Person 1: Wow you live on the north shore, you're not as bad as I thought you would be
Person 2: Yeah , we're really not bad people.
by Rich Wilmette Bich April 19, 2008

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