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McDonalds in backstreet talk and slang.
eg. I'm just going to macky d's to get a burger
by Rich P November 23, 2003
the little bit at the end of the stairs under the balcony at scc
We're playing chipmunks so go and hide in the hobo hole
by Rich P November 23, 2003
A game that is exactly the same as cops and robbers
lets go play chipmunks
by Rich P November 26, 2003
Come on, you've all done this. Someone shouts "bundle!" and then everyone proceeds to jump on top of each other, until you're left with a big teetering pile of person, normally with one unlucky bugger at the very bottom.
"Look, there's that lamer Gordon... bundle!!"
by Rich P August 23, 2005

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