1 definition by Rich Kimball

1. Something to clean a rancid pussy of its bunk smell.

2. A guy that is a fuckin loser that has no life. Douchebags are usually ugly ass guys with no style and are usually unco-ordinated in physical activities. They also have a shitty sense of style and are just straight up bums.

Douchebags are those guys back in High School that came to school wearing the same clothes for a few days and they never paid attention in class. It really showed when the teacher asked them a question and they don't know what the fuck they are talking about. Having said that douchebags are in denyal and in their head, they think they've got it going on.
That douche bag fell asleep while writing a test and the teacher got annoyed.

That douche bag double wore his clothes

He's such a douche bag. He told the teacher that he lost his book bag but he really is to useless to do his work. He's going to be a huge bum when he grows up.
by Rich Kimball June 12, 2006

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