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2 definitions by Rich F

A turd that manifests itself at a time not normally anticipated. The host suffers from feeling of embarassment and uncomfort until the demon is released. Sometimes this comes in the form of a demon poo, which is more liquid in form.
Jim: Man, I don't feel well. I got to take a shit and I hate going in public.

Roy: You know you'll feel better when you release that demon turd.
by Rich f November 27, 2009
9 0
An electronic device with an elaborate scheme of buttons whose major functions usually include: power on/off, channel up/down, and volume +/-.

Was designed to allow the MALE to eat, drink beer, and change the channel all without moving.
Girl: (watching tv)

Guy: Who the fuck gave you the power to use the man tool?

Girl: (scared and confused, quickly replies) how does this device work?

Guy: Go get me a beer!
by Rich F December 10, 2006
13 7