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2 definitions by Rich Enrico Kunesh

When a lactating nipple projects milk in three or more directions at once. Usually a result of careless nipple piercing. Handy for mothers with triplets.
"Tucker, will you get the bucket, I'm feeding Cutter and Gunner again and I've got a trevi fountain going! I wanna save some for daddy's ovaltine."
by Rich Enrico Kunesh January 20, 2009
the act of squirting easy cheese into a rectum or vagina and then sucking out the creamy cheese mixture. As a courtesy to one's partner, a lactaid may be inserted as a suppository prior to the event to protect lactose-intolerant mates.
"No thanks, I can't make it to dinner, I'm stuffed! I hung out with Ryan earlier and had a Milwaukee cheese dumpling and it hasn't settled too well. He forgot to use a lactaid first, he told me it was soy, that bastard."
by Rich Enrico Kunesh January 20, 2009