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2 definitions by Rich Borge

The token retarded person found in almost all businees. They are slowitted but capable of doing meanial tasks. You will find a lot of handytards at goodwill sorting clothes, pricing merchandise,and quite often shopping there as well. They usually are paid minimum wage and are driven to work by there Mom.
The handytard slowly pushed a broom around the wallmart. He paused occaisonally to laugh at something only funny to himself.

by Rich Borge September 09, 2006
Gay oriented poetry or song lyrics. Also, when people start insulting each other by inviting adversaries of the same sex to perform sexual acts on them.
John says: "Hey Billy why don't you suck on my genitilia!" and continues insulting Billy by inviting him to perfom various sexual acts.

Billy responds: "You just go right ahead and keep serenading me with your homoetry"
by Rich Borge July 07, 2006