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3 definitions by Rich Apple

after a hard night of drinking you pass out on the ground like your dead and the police should draw a line around your body like at a crime scene
You partied so hard last night I found you chalk line drunk on the floor passed out like a victim of a drive by.
by Rich Apple August 29, 2009
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When buying for older people on your shopping list... Get them something you would like.... There's a "chance" you might get it back in a few years.... (when they die)
Helen, I'm green gifting mom those earrings we looked at in Tiffany's last week. I can't wait to wear them to her funeral.
by Rich Apple December 17, 2010
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when a man takes a baby to a public place, like the mall, to get noticed by women.
Frank, I saw Joe at the mall today babybrees'n with his 9 month old son. He had chicks patting the little mans head and kissing his cheeks. Bro, I gotta borrow my sisters baby and get my babybrees on.
by Rich Apple February 09, 2010
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