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The act of a person masturbating and then going to sleep.
Person 1: hey man, whatcha doin?
Person 2: I'm tired. I think i'm gonna go fap 'n' nap
by Rice Menshorts April 04, 2011
What happens when a character in a movie or tv show says the title of that movie/tv show in it. Also known as a Title Drop.
Doc Brown (on TV): "We're sending you BACK TO THE FUTURE!"
Me: "Yo dude they did the thing!"
by Rice Menshorts November 03, 2013
The Scientific Law that states any food is automatically more delicious if you add bacon to it or replace one or more of the ingredients with bacon.
Bob:"Dude, there is no way they can make a sundae even awesomer than it already is"
*Bob sees new bacon sundae ad on tv*
Bob: "Well, Denny's Law strikes again"
by Rice Menshorts April 12, 2011
A sandwich with so much meat, cheese, and other various fillings that it is literally so big that it looks like one of the towering sandwiches Scooby and Shaggy would always eat on Scooby Doo.
Person 1: Dude so I went to the local deli and I got a Scooby Doo Sandwich for only $5.
Person 2: That totally beats subway.
by Rice Menshorts June 12, 2012
The frostbite-like feeling you get after sitting on outdoor cold bleachers for 3 hours during a football game in the later months of the year.
Person 1: Yo man it's so cold out here. I can't wait for this game to be over.
Person 2: Yeah, I'm totally getting frostbutt right now.
by Rice Menshorts October 25, 2013
When two people on twitter are having a conversation via @reply, and you are reading everything they're saying without them really knowing it, even though every conversation on twitter is public.
Person 1: @person2 omg you'll never guess what kevin told me
Person 2: @person1 Text me about it, I don't want anyone tweavesdropping on us
by Rice Menshorts April 08, 2011

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