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3 definitions by Rice Bubbles

Someone of the male personage who flies half mast during inappropriate moments i.e one minute silences for lives lost in fires.
Also known to make inappropriate sexual innuendo out of any comment made by a female. Often likes to dance!

girl 1: Are you coming to the movies tonight!
girl 2: Yeah, I'll come.
Boy 1: I bet you will!
girl 1 and 2: Ohhh your such a julian!
by Rice Bubbles April 23, 2009
A combination of SHIT and YEAH. Often used as a positive affirmation/confirmation. Not quite a swear word, but not socially acceptable either.
Frank: Hey Aaron, can you be my wingman? I'm trying to tune this chick.

by Rice Bubbles April 21, 2009
A muse, a poet, a goober, cannot organise a root in a whore house. Likes crazy random jokes, even ones at her expense. Has a nasty habit of ruining peoples weekends, dressing in sheets and un-neccessarily challenging people.
Emma: Hey man nice sheet, where and when are we meeting for dinner tonight?
Frank: Some place in the city anytime after 8!
Emma: Your such a P-oodle!
by Rice Bubbles April 22, 2009