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the little jokes that life plays upon you simply because you deserve them.
The angry teacher yelled at the innocent child. As she stormed away, her skirt was snagged by the desk and torn from her waist. A parent commented, "Now that's karmady."
#comedy #karma #joke #deserve #humor #justice #pay back
by Ricardo Corridor January 14, 2009
When it blows as bad as it sucks.
It was a case of dynamic equilibrium when Steve realized that the totally hot stripper he was dating had left him for his ex-wife.
#sucks #blows #dynamic #sex #stripper
by Ricardo Corridor June 11, 2009
A booger that has been slipped upon the sole of ones shoe, as opposed to flicking, eating, or discarding within a tissue.
With his nasal passage now clear, Charlie ran his options, choosing the underside of his shoe to bury his new found treasure.His collection of shoe boogers was expanding rapidly.
#booger #boogie #snot #kleenex #flick
by Ricardo Corridor January 17, 2009
when the face height of a seated person matches the breast height of a standing person sideboob
The young women crowded around and began to ask questions. Brad could barely form a coherent thought, much less carry on a conversation, due to the major face-tit he was getting from Susie.
#breast #boob #boobs #tit #face
by Ricardo Corridor January 16, 2009
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