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An expression that can be used for emphasis after an exclamation.


When used with a rising pitch at the end, it can be used to ask a question


Can be used to refer to marijuana


This phrase originates from an impersonation that was done of Bill Cosby. In it, the joker would say 'Doobie doo, Theo eat some pudding pops' after smoking a joint.

Eventually, this evolved and "Doobie doo" became a phrase of its own.
I've won twenty dollars off that idiot because he bet me Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars! Doobie Doo!

I missed Battlestar Galactica, but it's on again at 10. Doobie doo!

OR: Doobie Doo? Is Jessica Alba really naked in that movie?

OR: Hey man, I've got some friends coming over, can you get me some doobie doo?
by Ricardo Burro February 07, 2008

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