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Is the name of a very sexy and attractive young woman. Originally from Italian, meaning "dark" or "rich," this girl is usually of hispanic descent. She has deep brown eyes, long black hair and her alluring personality makes everyone want to become her friend. Naturally compassionate, she will go out of her way to make sure you have a great day. Just seeing her smile makes you have a brighter day. Adrianna´s have an amazing singing talent and are great at performing on front of others.

Also used to mean ¨cool¨or ¨funny.¨
George: Hey, I think that's Adrianna crossing the street.
John: Yeah. She's so sexy. Im so lucky she's my girlfriend.

Luis: Haha. Wow. The way you fell right there was an "Adrianna."
by RicanLover November 13, 2009

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