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Usually the #1 group on Habbo.com. It is a Forum which allows you to discuss topics and talk to other members of Habbo, without going on client. Although the group has lots of interesting, sociable people to talk too, be aware that it can become a magnet to trolls and spammers. On the Forum, many things take place such as games, lists, inside jokes, and piczos. Unfortunately 'original forumers' do not welcome all new forumers with open arms. If you do not partake in their 'ways' you will almost certainly be either rejected or 'bashed'.

The Forum consists of many different people from the normal to the downright insane!

Some of the people you might find currently on this Habbo Group are:- Natasha, Taylor, Jack, Joe, Richie, Gabby, Jenny, Alanna, Dalton, Lindsay, Arber, Matt, Jesse, Nick, Mellisa, Amanda, Dylan, Kathya, Chris x2, Katie x2, Luis x2, Alex x2, Zach x2, Jasmine, Tom, Ashley, Beckie, Sav, Courtney, Eric, Kate, Parker, Erin, Pearl, Emily, Blake, Owen and Paul.
What you might expect from Habbo Group Forum;
Blob: My Chomby is so much cuter than your ugly Kacheek!
BlueberryGum: mmm Hell Girl ^_^
Azayles: :-)
juicy159: krumpz on floor
.MACEinyoFACE. : I put my luggage in your trunk
quotients: -ignores Luis
c_blades: -sprays n00b spray
bcke/erianoillim: Tom <3
Halucinagenia: Zac... I mean Beckie <3
dylo: ay guyzzz y yuu h8z mee
Mellisa, : I'm elfracorn
Amand0rz: -drools - top falls off
OneNick: Hey on.
Airbending: -masses
Matt.R.Fat: zdravo -sings Arctic Monkeys
by Rialta August 25, 2009
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