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u.o.t.y means UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. It is used to emphasize certain statements. It can be used instead of sarcasm.
For instance:

person 1: I heard your going out with bob.

Person 2: EW!!!! and thats u.o.t.y

person 1: hah, you had me worried there.
by RiaB July 21, 2005
The oh so stylish "jewellery" which gives the impression of being rather "cool" and "bling" and tends to give the wearer a "rep". The bigger and more tacky gold the bling the more bling it becomes therefore turining it into bling bling. The bling is usually "gold" (not really, but we won't crush their hopes)but it tends to smell, look, feel EXactly like plastic! Magic! . Some townies have managed to figure that if you scratch it it , it turns SILVER! Wow! BLING BLING!
This bling sometimes come in the form of huge crosses with lots of DIAMONDS!!!! Which also smel, sound, hear , feel wateva, but they do all of this just like plastic AGAIN! Everything must just be so blinging connected, innit?
Townie: Look, innit. There's one of those gofficks, ain't she.
Crew: yeah, we wonna see some beef!
Townie: Beef! yeah. (jumps the whole of 2 inches of bike stolen from a two year old)
(Townie runs at "goff" but is unable to do so due to the huge amount of bling around neck, and also is unable to see due to huge diamante "RD" in "graffiti" letters swinging in face.
Goth runs away.Fast. And laughing.
by RiaB May 23, 2005

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