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3 definitions by RhysO

Shoes worn largely by homosexuals. A cross between ugg boots and slippers, Sooskies have risen to prominence in the homosexual community since early 2007.
'Cuthbo, those sooskies are so gay'
by RhysO June 22, 2007
4 1
Slang for a peer who enjoys the company of larger women. A lockeridge will tend to prey on big women at parties, waiting until the right moment (often when the buffet is empty and they are feeling most vulnerable)to pounce on his prey.
Crikey - you'd need to be a lockeridge to stick her! or
Wow - I wish I was like lockeridge, that guy can stick anything!
by RhysO June 22, 2007
2 0
Slang word used to describe unusually large breasts. This includes any breasts (not including maternity breasts) that are over a 32d.
'WOW! Check out the Soossoo's on that!' or
'Hey, don't touch the soossoo's' or
'Cattell was being suffocated by the Soosoo's'
by RhysO June 22, 2007
6 9