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3 definitions by Rhymo

To kill time by talking with a friend or doing stupid shit, generally involves drinking copious ammounts of alchohol, however can be completed while sober.

Any converstaion made whilst Kicking the Shit is not a D'n'M, but is above a conversation.
Seb: Oi rhye, come over to mine, let's kick the shit for a while.
Rhye: Aight mate, i'll be there in a half hour, you got some booze?
Seb: Yeah mate, you betcha.
by Rhymo June 21, 2009
Server: WTT 9/11
Taliban has pwned World Trade Center with Boeing 747
by Rhymo May 31, 2009
Any blowjob given from a particularly skanky and / or dirty whore.

may also be used as an adjective to describe very whorish behavior or the act of being a whore.
Esample 1

Jacob: Hey mate how was your weekend?
Rhye: Great dude, i scored Errin
Leonardo: *high fives Rhye*

Example 2

Jacqui: Did you see what that errin is wearing?
Jacob: yeah, what a total errin.
Rhye: Hey, that total errin, she's the slut that gave me errin the other day.
by Rhymo June 12, 2009