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The acronym BDOML stands for the phrase "Best Day of My Life" made popular by DJ Pauly D on Jersey Shore.

An acronym created by coworkers for texting and emailing purposes to convey excitement for something amazing that was just said or is happening. Can also be used to give somone recognition without going into lengthy discussion.

It is now becoming mainstream to use in nearly every casual conversation between this group of coworkers and is starting to spread to FB and other social Media sites. It is also being used to comment on photos of food, drink, party, shenanigans, and other tom foolery.
"OMG those cookies that so and so brought in are the BDOML! Did you have some?"

"Oh shit I got in really late this morning because I was having sex all morning, but it was worth it, it was the BDOML!!!"

R-"Check out this pic I took"

That party last night was the BDOML.
by Rhoweediane March 21, 2013

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