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The 44th president from Kenya and primary pull toy of zombie Soros
Zombama is another one term baby
by Rhotundra July 27, 2011
The Kenyan Beaver.
Barack says Michelle is the first Possum he ever ate.
by Rhotundra July 27, 2011
The flop ear currently renting the White House. ARBA believes it was derived from breeding Himalayan and American Fuzzy Lop.
The first lady served up collard greens to Obunny for Easter.
by Rhotundra July 27, 2011
The first rabbit.
Last Easter, the fearless leader took Mushell Obunny to a vegan restaurant for a fill up. Any other place would have cooked her as the blue state special!
by Rhotundra July 27, 2011
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