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To chat back and forth in a quick fashion and to send a response before your partner can respond to your last question
Battle Chat see below

9:53 Chattee or Chatter?

9:53 At the SAME time means no waiting

9:53 I only have you to chat with presently and I get bored FAST.

9:53 I can send like 10 chats in less than a half minute

9:53 want me to show you how?

9:53 I can you know?

9:53 If you are gone too long you will have like a book here when you get back

9:53 Then you will never catch up with me.

9:53 It will be like having a DVR in the chat room, except you didn't press pause.

9:53 you'll just have to rewind it when you get back but then you aren't really in LIVE mode anymore and you will always be like 2 minutes behind me in the conversation

9:53 I guess since this is TOTALLY a one sided conversation at this point it doesn't really matter.

9:53 Where the hell did you go? To the bathroom?

9:54 omg

9:54 ur crazy tech lady

9:54 no i cant keep up
by Rhondaho January 22, 2009
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