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Rhymes with (souvenir); This is something, a personal item, that you take with you after a night of wild lovemakin', after a booty call, or a one-night-stand. You take these things without the original owners' knowledge. It could be a t-shirt, cd, lighter, hairbrush, etc., that belonged to the person you just hooked up with. Sort of like a 'souvenir' of the encounter.
"How do you like this cool candle holder? It's a screwvenir from the other night at Todd's house."
by Rhonda Q September 19, 2005
When a female keeps calling, text-massaging, hanging around, or talking about a guy she has been lusting after. Also, they can exhibit this behavior by driving by said males' house, showing up at the restaurant where he works, etc.
"Dang, Lynn. You need to stop nut-riding Kasey. You know he has a girlfriend."
by Rhonda Q September 19, 2005
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