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(Phrase) A profane way to say "I differ with your idea or plan." Or "That particular suggestion is not to my liking or preference." When using this phrase you are excluding yourself as a participant from whatever it is that is about to go down.
LaQueafa: ....yeah so Devonne had axed me do I wanna let his baby momma sista cousin Tracey use my car.
Leroy: And what did you say?
LaQueafa: I was like,"Fuck all THAT noise...you betta axe somebody!

Joe: So babe, when you gonna let me in through the backdoor??

Rhonda: Fuck all THAT noise!!!!
by rhonda October 02, 2004
Refers to a lover who eyes that are extremely attractive and captivating. They are inviting as if to say "come-hither"...Eyes that are desirable, drawing, enchanting, enticing, magnetic, provocative, kissable, seductive,sensuous,titillating, anything SEXXY. The eyes of my Unklbri.
Right before I went down on Brian, I glared into his bedroom eyes and kissed his forehead.
by rhonda October 17, 2004
Where we live in So. Calif the kids trade these jelly bracelets for "favors". That way you can get twenty kisses out of one bracelet. My son finds them in his locker and girls send them in the mail too.
Brown=anal sex
Red=lap dance
Blue=oral sex
White=flash tits
Pink=flash privates
Clear=whatever the snapper wants
Glow in the dark=use sex toys
Gold glittery=make out
Purple=french kiss
by Rhonda May 26, 2004
Someone who trys to control a cheerleader's meeting/discussion
'You are being a cheertaiter, Torence'
(as spoken by Courtney in 'Bring it On'
by Rhonda May 01, 2003
To cause physical harm and/or bodily injury to your spouse. Otherwise known as spousal abuse. Origin: Ike Turner. To smack your bitch up.
"My bitch didnt wanna fix me sumthin to eat so I iked the shit outa her and sent her stank ass to bed."
by rhonda October 08, 2004
noun: A word used to describe a mouth that consists of one or two snaggly ass teeth that resemble little black rocks. Leaving the rest of the mouth made up of stank-ass gums that are polluted with the gum disease better known as gingivitis . This is usually a result of years of crack-cocaine usage,and poor hygiene.Not to be confused with snaggletooth...
That bitch Gail has a busted ass grill yo! Thats what I'm callin' SNAGGLEGUMS! On the other hand... I bet shed give a gnarly gum job later on tonight. Perhaps after like 4 tall boyz...mmmmmm!
by rhonda September 08, 2004
A crab louse.
crabs Slang. Infestation by crab lice.
Bobby took Sally downtown for some pubic seafood.
Get your fingers outa the pubic seafood.
by rhonda August 26, 2004

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