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A vietmanese hooker
Who sells herself to US GI's
Known to operated within "The Drive".
Go you do a Vél-má Cár-són Job You Slut
by Rhodesia is still here February 16, 2009
A Whore that fucks Firmen,for 75 pence
"You dirty firemans troff go sell yourself for 75p"
by Rhodesia is still here May 04, 2008
"A fat black bastard",(an overweight black person)
This may also be used to describe a black person who is sympathetic to scottish people.
The name comes from a ruler of Uganda during the 1970s.
Fuck off Adi Amin
Go fuck a scott Adi Amin
by Rhodesia is still here May 04, 2008
A female in Northern Irelannd who has sex with soldiers when they are on stag.
Velma Carson is such a Soldier's Dolly.
by Rhodesia Is Still Here January 02, 2010
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