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A social gathering held due to the fact Lebron James has just spurned your favorite team. Lebron memorabilia is set ablaze, and his name is cursed. Very similar to a "bonfire" but with a hostile vibe.
Rick: "Lebron is leaving Cleveland, again!"
Jim: "He just came back from Miami!"

Rick: "Yup, and I just bought his New Jersey."
Jim: "Looks like it's time for a good ol' fashion Bronfire."
by Rhino71894 July 12, 2014
An acronym for Basic Bitch Syndrome. A female, ranging from 12-50, who displays signs of suffering from the epidemic known as "being a basic bitch." Symptoms include; up-to-date on all gossip, overuse of emojis, tweeting/posting pictures of her with her friends smoking weed or drinking, and dresses like a classy hooker all the time. BBS normally goes unnoticed until it is too late and futures are ruined, but if caught in time, may be cured.
Rick: "Bro, check out that chick."
Brian: "Oh man, shes taking a selfie with her beer.... She's got that BBS man."
Rick: "I'd still take her to pound town."
by Rhino71894 July 01, 2014
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