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Guernsey dialect Twatois for cunt. Can be used in an offensive manner - see example (1), or as an affectionate greeting (2).

Originated in 2004-2005, alternative spellings include quont

Pronounced as (cont)or sometimes (tchont)
(1) "I fuckin' hate Marvin M....., what a chont"

by Rhi303 October 05, 2005
Derived from the Guernsey dialect Patois,Twatois is the slang/swear sister language.

Originated and developed in 2005 by members of the Guernsey local music scene includes such words as chont and phrases like comedy bellend.
"Alright ya chont" - Twatois for cunt

"Allo Cunty!" typical Twatois greeting

by Rhi303 October 05, 2005
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