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characterized by the ability to make heads turn

1)Rare and endangered type of female scattered around various regions of the world. Usually camera-friendly and skilled at dissing. 2)Are known for using their pinkies and feet to get ahead in life. 3)Enjoy praising themselves in secret little notepads.
--"Hey Alex, check out this new Benz that i just bought."
"Wow, sick car man, its extremely donika."

--"You know that girl down the block whose always dancing in front of the mirror."
"Yea, she's probably a donika."

--"Talk about diversity. I was in the city today and i met a Frenchman, a Mexican, a movie star from Yemen, and a donika.

--"Hey Sally, come hang out with us tonight. You need to stop spending so much writing about how cool you are--only donikas are allowed to do that.
by Rhett Butler November 16, 2006
To, in what is commonly a sudden outburst cause great wreckage to yours or someone else's home. Commonly involving the throwing of CDs and DVDs, spilling of soda, throwing of food, and breaking of valuables. When unplanned the event is a great stress reliever. A planned 4:00 A.M. is much less fun. DOES NOT NEED TO OCCUR AT 4:00 A.M.! Only the first one occured at this time; hence the name.
"Hey, let's go have a 4 A.M.! We can play frisbee with beef patties and crack eggs over eachothers' heads! It would also be fun to throw my guitar around, make hail storms with ice cubes, and break valuable objects my parents bought with their hard-earned money!
by Rhett Butler November 17, 2006

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