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Any attack in a fighting game that causes the opponent to be hit multiple times in extremely fast succession with often times being difficult to avoid for the opponent, while easy to pull off for the user. Often times these moves are deemed unfair, or 'noobish'
Meta Knight's Whorenado is such rape, it is one of the main reasons he is top tier.
by Rhed May 13, 2009
The one of the weaker characters in any fighting game. This character is usually so pathetic that only the best can win with him/her. Playing character hero is incredibly manly, regardless of whether the player wins or loses.

The phrase stems from guitar hero, where the player must play flawlessly in order to do well. similar to the above, a character hero must be used to perfection in order to even stand a chance.
Captain falcon in SSBB is a character hero. he has no redeeming traits, and is one of the worst characters in the game.
by Rhed May 13, 2009
Freezer Burn, Adj. An uncomfortable state of being that is derived from chilling and doing nothing for too long, so that the individual feels bored and unable to take action rather than feeling relaxed.

A prolonged state where-in one abstains or is removed from productivity and social interaction to the point of restlessness.
Frank knew his freezer burn was bad as he began yet another day of pajamas and Skyrim, despite having no desire to play the game.
by Rhed June 12, 2015

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