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The art of capsizing a person with a running kick slap. It is a technique from an ancient form of marshal arts and takes years to master. The only true way to enter a state of mind where it is possible to perform this move is alcohol induced, but some monks have performed it without any alcohol in their system what so ever.
“OMG, did you see that chedpit? Is he a monk, or really drunk?”
#chedpitt #kick slap #kick #slap #kickslap #fight #marshal arts move #drunk
by Rfish October 02, 2012
A person who is extremely gay. This referance is to a man who wont leave other penis's alone.

Salami (often used as a word for penis)

Badger (Often used to describe someone who wont leave an item alone)

Salami Badger
"That guy wont leave me alone!!! He is such a Salami Badger!!"
#salami #badger #penis #gay #fag #sausage
by Rfish June 26, 2012
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