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1 definition by Reyan_62

A style of verse, with many varied forms,
the form of Shakespeare being as proceeds:
A set of fourteen lines, each meeting norms
of length and stress, with certain rhymes agreed.

Exactly five feet are there in each line,
and yes, two syllables in every foot,
the second only stressed. These, when combined,
five iambs form. (Guess what I cannot put!)

Four stanzas are there, three quite similar,
with four lines each, the rhyming being so:
The endings of the first and third concur,
as do the second and the fourth; Although

the last has only two lines to its name,
and, lacking so, both rhymes must be the same.
I was trying to write a sonnet about sonnets today. Funny how iambic pentameter can't be used to write itself.
by Reyan_62 August 11, 2010