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the magically delicious roast beef mud flaps that hang off of your "virgin" girlfriend.
hey babe. you want romantic. i'll give you romantic. let me add some down south man meat to you deep fried cunt burger.
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
the delightful juice that comes from your ass and balls to make a salty beverage for your significant other when she get a taste for it.
thirsty why wait. grab a chode soda
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
word to describe someone who is so disgustingly, hidiously unattractive that the word ugly or any word vaguely similiar to it just doesn't do their hidious ass justice.
crook isn't ugly, he's fewbobop
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
the build up of sweat that comes from wearing the same crusty ass underwear for 3 days while driving cross country to go to a john denver fan club meeting at your 7th cousins moms house.
i had viscious road chode before my heterosexual life mate gates licked it clean for me
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
affectionate slang for anyone who doesn't bow down before my wonder cock.
bow down you fucking penis wrinkle
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
to crave the caramel canal. very popular with this guy i know named crook. he sucks chode. what a fag.
crook, you are an analy infatuated butt pirate.
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
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