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Any area where Yoga is practiced.
- Dude, you're just so ripped and sculpted and strong as a Snow Leopard, yet somehow, so centered and at one with your mind, body and surroundings. What's your secret?!

- Yoga. My bedroom becomes a Yojo at least 4 times a week.
by Rexx Danger November 18, 2010
a word that describes an attractive woman or her lady parts. It is said that Badge originated from hearing the word "Vag" incorrectly.

It is suitable to be used in the presence of certain company when other words may not be.
Unlike "Vagina", Badge can not apply to ugly or undesirable women, only sexy ones.
"Twelve O'clock, take a look at that bit of Badge!"

"Hey Freddy, how'd you go last night on your date? Did you get any Badge?"

'"How did she look in the light? Still Badge?"
"No unfortunately, she was actually a bit of a Bog-Rat once i could see her properly but i still smashed her"'
by Rexx Danger September 23, 2010

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