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1. masturbation

2. rub one out

3. play with yourself

(see also: juke)
Where's Mary? Prolly at home jukin it.

You going to the show tonight? Nah, I think I'm gonna stay home and juke it.
by Reximas January 31, 2007
Insult. Typically heard when one woman is bashing another to her friends.

1. retarded girl. Used when you see a woman do something really stupid.

2. dumb blonde (see above).

3. A girl who hangs with retarded people.

4. Sister to Corky.

origin: "Life Goes On" was a TV series with main characters, Rebecca (Becca) and her retarded brother Charles (Corky), that documents the hardships this places on her and her family.
As I walked past a 7-Eleven, I saw a Becca talking to two homeless men and giggling.
by Reximas January 31, 2007
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