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Addiction to Biz (Business). This is a positive attitude, someone addicted to business will succeed in generating cash, since his motivation / drive is very strong in order to succeed
He is a bizoholic, no wonder he can make hundred thousand dollars in just six months
by Rex Technix April 11, 2010

Correlated to Generation Z , who were born after mid 90’s. Their charecteristics are highly participative on the net / digital technologies. They are high digital technology consumers, can be seen by frequent purchase of gadget coming with new features, Netbooks, LED TV’s etc. They are also frequent fashion buyers.
Yunkz are digital natives, they frequently change there gadgets and netbooks that comes with new features
by Rex Technix April 04, 2010
Souvenir hunters. People who, when they travel will allways go to shops, markets to find and buy souvenirs. They are addicted to buy souvenirs.
Souveholic are souvenir hunters that prioritize souvenirs when travelling
by Rex Technix March 09, 2012
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