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an incident with a positive outcome that involved both skill and luck.
Joe: I can't believe you caught that royal flush on the river!

Jim: It was all skluck.
by Rex Kwon Do Dojo September 19, 2008
a person who's both a rat and a bastard
Jay: Hey who ate my last Eggo?!

Jim: (pointing) That rastard over there.

Rastard: Hey you never said leggo my Eggo...

Jay: Well at least I have a father...
by Rex Kwon Do Dojo September 18, 2008
Frontiers of double parking, triple parking, stopping in the middle of the street, talking loudly, not abiding to traffic laws, walking dogs with no leash, not picking up their excrement, taking baths in cheap cologne, leaving old furniture out in the sidewalk, hating Turks for invalid reasons, and driving salvaged luxury cars while collecting welfare while living in a hole in the wall apartment.

Goals in life are but not limited to having gold plated necklaces, sporty jumpsuits, and saying "arrah" every five minutes for no real reason.

99.999% of the time, their last name ends in "ian." The biggest accomplishment in the History of Armenia is Kim Kardashian.
Jim: Where in the hell are we? Did the apocalypse just occur?

Bob: No, we're in Glendale


Tim: That cologne store smells funny

Matt: That's because it's not a cologne store, it's just an Armenian in a phone booth
by Rex Kwon Do Dojo August 07, 2008
An injection executed by a Ninja.
And out of nowhere, I felt a queasiness, then I realized a ninjection was done onto by the Killer Ralph.
by Rex Kwon Do Dojo December 06, 2010
A universal saying for not getting what one wants, usually said by a cowardice.
(after moving in with a new roommate)

D: I want a new roommate not a third boyfriend! I didn't sign up for this!

Jack: Okay chill out queer-bait.
by Rex Kwon Do Dojo December 06, 2010

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