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3 definitions by Revolutionary Mind

a word used by five percenters to refer to females.
"My old earth is fuckin wit the god."
by Revolutionary Mind September 24, 2007
Mostly used among New York Latinos (Mostly Dominicans, Puerto Ricans) denoting that this were boring or Not going to go down like that.
Cuca:"After the club night I went back with Papo to his house."
Ta-ta: "Please don't tell me he tried push up on you?!"
Cuca: "He tried but I was like that shit is muerto papa."
by Revolutionary Mind November 01, 2007
means nothing is going on; things are dead.(New York-Bronx)
Kid 1:"Yo son how was that party?"
Kid 2:"Son that shit was sanchez"
by Revolutionary Mind September 26, 2007