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Nasal/Oral mucus. To goz - to spit said mucus. Gozzed - after the act.
The stig gozzed on the pavement as he searched for shopper to harrass.
by Revels March 26, 2003
Bright reddy brown dog turds with an orange/yellow center, similar to an onion bahjee.
He realised to his horror he had stepped into a impressive pile of dog oogie.
by Revels March 26, 2003
An utterence when presented with a situation of utter insanity. Also the name of a 'Crawler'
"Mee! Boo! MEEBOO! MEeeeEEEEEeeeE!"
*sung to a tune* "Mee Boo the Crawler"
by Revels December 15, 2003
Used as a term to describe something unsatisfactory, originating from the videogame of the same name.
"This club is right choro-q, let's go somewhere else."
by Revels March 26, 2003
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