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When one male friend takes the lead in a team activity condemning other members of the team to certain failure on their own personal ventures for the satisfaction of his own needs which the rest of the team can, in hindsight, appreciate as an action that they too would have taken if they were in the same situation thus exempting the perpetrator from any punishment.
To become exempt from a selfish act as the victims of the act empathise with your reasons.


When one LAD takes his group of friends on a wild goose chase after one woman after sacking off a different group of women (with Ladiquette) that his friends were talking to without telling his friends the real reason why they are travelling across an Island to get another drink. When the truth becomes known by the group of friends that the LAD has taken it upon himself to selfishly shape an evenings antics the LAD is exempt from any punishment because of Ladification which is when the group of friends accept that they have done or would have done the exact same thing in the same situation.


When a Football player takes a volley on the rebound shouting 'Keepers Gift' even if it is up at the halfway line.
by ReubensChase April 19, 2013
To belittle and reject a female through use of words that only a female would find offensive.
Female: "Hi, How are you today?"
LAD1: "I was happy until your Hippocrocapig of a face swaddled over, now shoo, Bint"
*Female leaves*
LAD2: "What did that Fugly Wench want?"
LAD1: "Not Sure, I gave her the Ladiquette before i gave my name"
by ReubensChase April 19, 2013

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