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A dastardly clever pseudonym that most will not pick up on initially. Works especially well in school, signing up for grocery store discount cards or general situations where giving out your real name isn't in your best interest.
"Thank you for shopping at _______ Mr....umm...how do you pronounce your last name?" "That would be Mycock, Reuben Mycock.

Other spellings:
Reuben Micoch
Reuben Mycoch
Reuben Micock
Reuben Mycock
by Reuben Micoch January 13, 2008
An Australian term that defines the act of slapping an ass (usually a drunk female in a skirt with no underwear)and then immediately sticking your middle finger up the ass knuckle deep, wiggling it and then removing the finger....usually running for your life afterwards.
So I saw this hottie dancing last night, had to give her the old whip niggly and then I got kicked in the balls.
by Reuben Micoch March 09, 2009

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