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An individual or group member who is utterly incompetent and unorganized. They are identifiable as "that guy" who is constantly mooching off of the work of more responsible individuals and missing every scheduled meeting. They also have a nasty habit of being incapable of even the most basic tasks, such as handing in a piece of the report. When confronted, they claim that they "didn't get the email" or that they lost the directions sheet.

The guy who pretends like every girl wants him, yet in reality is considered a total creeper. The person who you hope you never have to work with, yet always get stuck with.
Example 1:

Jack: We're presenting the report tomorrow, do you have the translated sheets?

Brian: Uh, I thought I was doing the powerpoint.

Jack: No...we talked about this yesterday, and I mentioned it to you in the email.

Brian: I actually didn't get that email.

Jack: *sigh* Fine, well, I guess I can handle the translation if you already did the powerpoint, can I see it?

Brian: Uh...I actually didn't start it.

Jack: Useless idiot...

Example 2:

Ryan: Did you forget about the meeting?

Tangren: What meeting?

Ryan: The meeting to finish the presentation...

Tangren: Oh, I actually have something going on.

Ryan: You said you were free today you useless idiot.
by ResponsibleOne May 12, 2009

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