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Someone who can consume vast amount of ciggaretts while intoxicated.
Ciggie Niggie: Yo! Check this shit out. I'mma drag the whole thing yo!
Govi: Safe!!!
by Respect_666 November 16, 2006
A gesture used when something or someone is really enjoyable. Can be used as a greeting or as a sign of agreement. Includes a hand signal of all the fingers clenched except for the thumb and pinky finger.
Alex: "Hey dude..Safe"
Dave: "Safe...I just purchased a new electronic gaming system"
Alex: "That is so safe."
Dave: "Safe"
by Respect_666 November 14, 2006
One who urinates in the corner of the room.
Dude! Scott! Don't leak that shit on the floor yo Pee Niggie
by Respect_666 November 08, 2006

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