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1 definition by Resident of Friendswood

A great town to start a family in, full of good people above the age of 18 but anyone younger is just another spoiled rich kid that thinks they have it hard. If you sold one of the cars found in the Friendswood High School parking lot you could probably pay off your morgage. And since the parents are to busy trying to make enough money to stay in such a good school district the kids are spending all their money on drugs and alcohol. In the class of 2008 alone their have been 8 deaths/injuries due to drugs. The kids in Friendswood Texas will find anything to instigate with weather it's your race,weight,height,popularity,or if you can play sports or not. The people of Friendswood Texas are good families but seperated most of them aren't aas good.
Where are you from?" "Friendswood." "Ha,where's daddy's lexus?
by Resident of Friendswood August 13, 2010
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