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(noun) When someone has blue balls and an erection simultaneously.
John had a bluerection when Yatta said that he may conduct foreplay on her and stare at her in any manner but may not have sex with her.
by Resbyall July 18, 2014
People try to treat people impudently and act as if they are not accepting their punishment when other people take what they dish out but accept their punishment when people do not take what they dish out to avoid being not left off the hook. If someone tries to treat you impudently or unjustly and you just take what they dish out then that person gets to treat you impudently.

It's necessary to an extent for some humans to have someone they can treat impudently so they can blow off steam with or for some for other purposes which may be sadistic. For someone to have a certain positive emotion it is not necessarily the case that someone else has to experience an equal emotion in magnitude but negative; however, it most certainly can work that way and some people try to treat other people unjustly, impudently or just straight out wrong but do it in such a way that they can be left off the hook and in some cases get that person's consent.
John waived his right against Kelly when Kelly screwed him over, so by the universal screw over theory, he has to let Kelly off the hook when Kelly treats him impudently.
by Resbyall July 15, 2014
(noun) When someone makes it seem like you are screwing them over but in reality screws you over, usually when they give you consent to screw them over playing around but do it to you for reals and get away with it.
Jen thought she walked over Fred for reals when Fred said it was okay playing around but then did it to her for reals, so Fred performed an anti-reverse screw over.
by Resbyall July 15, 2014
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