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A stated in which you feel that everything is never right. It is because you're depressed that you continue to be depressed. Often by use by people who think they are depressed when really they just got left by some one who they thought they "loved". When depressed you often lie about your depression saying that everything is okay and nothing is wrong, in which you lie to yourself. Depression is often caused by friends and family. Feeling "alone", but often just surrounded by people who are your "friends", but never understand you. Surrounded by family that tries to help when they see that your depressed, but just end up making it worse. Suicide is sometimes caused by depression. Depression can be helped by writing poems, expressing yourself, or finding a hobby. Never let your depression be with you and only you. Let someone know.
"What's wrong Eleni?"

"Alone I should say?...
No, not alone, just lonely.
As I am free,
also am I enslaved
With no one around me.
Alone I should say?
Yes, I am, just alone"
by Res RI May 24, 2005

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