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Can be used in a variety of activities. It is happiest when its used for eating, fingering, petting, and stroking (preferably with a penis. preferably my penis) The wetter it is, the happier it is. Stay clear of rotten cooter fish for it may be hazardous to your health. Bigger cooter fishes are usually a sign of its owner being a complete whore. Also see slut. If it's small and compact it is usually the sign of the owner being a virgin or a feminist and most likely an uptight bitch. Cooter fishes are not to be taken lightly for they are the foundation of all things catastrophic and vile such as war, murder, rape, and desease. They are also used for wonderful acts such as giving life and sexual intercourse. Unfortunately the wonderful things it creates usually lead to what causes catastrophes like war, rape, murder and desease hence it being the foundation of such vile occurrences so go figure. Bottom line, man cannot live without the cooter fish, yet sometimes wishes it could, quickly followed by the realization that it really really can't live without the cooter fish because what real man doesn't like a good cooter fish once in awhile? Thus the inevitable and tragic cycle continues...forever!
Wow babe, you have some bomb ass cooter fish. Can I get seconds?
by Renzo Cervantes July 24, 2006
Adjective. When something is so pimpin that you can taste it, making it delicious. So its pimpin and delicious. Pimplicious
Damn, that salisbury steak was so pimplicious.


I had a great time with your little sister last night. She was pimplicious.
by Renzo Cervantes July 23, 2006
The combining of slut and delicious. Slutlicious is tricky because a woman doesn't necessarily have to be a slut to be slutlicious. One slutty act is enough to dignify calling her that. Your innocent girlfriend can all of a sudden be quite slutlicious, if only for that one night. The portrayal of acting like someone who is a slut, regardless of whether they really are is slutlicious.
Playa 1: So how did your date go with Brittany last night?
Playa 2: She was pretty slutlicious.
Playa 1: Fuck yeah

I've never seen Carla do that before, it was slutlicious.
by Renzo Cervantes July 31, 2006
Male: A stupid asshole who never knows what he's talking about but brings other people down to make himself feel better about himself.

Female: A whore. Usually one who likes oral sex or performs oral sex as her specialty.
Barney started talking shit to me last night but when I started fighting back he backed down like the pussy cockmonch that he is.

Allison gave me some of the greatest head I've ever had last night, she's a master cockmonch. I'm in love.
by Renzo Cervantes July 31, 2006
1. Noun. A pecular, facetious yet surprisingly funny in a subtle way to refer to someone's penis.
Also a professional soccer player from Germany.

Shut the hell up before i kick you in the sweinsteiger.


Sweinsteiger made a hell of goal the other day, did you see it?
by Renzo Cervantes July 24, 2006
person or people who think they're cool but they're not cause they're fags
Look at those preps/goths/nerds/jocks/metalheads/g's dressing up/talking/making gestures like each other to try to be cool. What a bunch of fag/s. OR Bobby turned emo so he grew out his hair to be more accepted by his peers. What a fag.
by Renzo Cervantes July 20, 2006
Similar to a cock, but just much bigger and more sexually gratifying to a woman. Usually said with emphasis and authority.
Me: Hey biatch, you want some of this cack?
Girl: *Gasp* Oh my God, yes I would.


Look at the size of that cack!
by Renzo Cervantes July 23, 2006

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