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3 definitions by Renkotsu

commonly referred to as dclone.
diablo clone is a world event in the game of diablo 2 lod.
When a certain number of The stone of jordan's are sold to a merchant, a message will appear and the screen shakes.
he will spawn on the first super unique monster u come across
Ex corpsefire in the den of evil or shenk the overseer in bloddy foothills.
upon killing this monstrosity he will drop the annihilus
the unique small charm.
1337 stones of Jordana's sold to merchants.

Renkotsu: Well diablo clone is fucked
NoveOfTheDamned: lol yeah well pwn him ez
Renkotsu: lol 1337 SOj's sold woot
by Renkotsu April 13, 2008
the annihilus small charm.
in the game diablo 2 lod then u kill Diablo clone or Dclone
he will drop the unique small charm.
once identified the variables are
10-20 to all attributes
10-20 all resistances
5-10 % more experience earned

it always has +1 to all skills
Renkotsu: Dude i just got an annihilus!
NovaOfTheDamned: and im lvl 95 in hardcore ladder
Renkotsu: -.-'
NovaOfTheDamned: Stats?
Renkotsu: 20/20/10!!!!!
NovaOfTheDamned: Cool 1000 fg for u
by Renkotsu April 13, 2008
A very addicting game that should never have existed.
many people have succumbed to the secret infared and gamma rays the government pumps outta your computer screen to keep you wasting your life away and letting the mexicans take our jobs.
if you own this game you should b shot or save your self and say fuck you game and stomp on the disk and burn the remains and toss it in the deepest pit you can find.
Play diablo 2 lord of destruction if u wanna waste your life and nver get laid.
Random: dude wanna go play sum diablo 2 Lord of destruction?
Renkotsu: *pulls out a shotgun*
Random: what u gunna do with that?
Renkotsu: saving your life *Cocks the shotgun*
Random: ill just go play sum d2
Renkotsu: *pulls trigger*
Random: HEY!!!!! my d2 disk!
Renkotsu: My work here is done
by Renkotsu April 13, 2008