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When a bunch of asian guys have an orgy with a big gal.
1. Janine: Whutch you doin tonite Crystal?

2. Crystal: Imina cruz to Chinatown for some pickle pie!

1. Yo wast night we all met a chick and had some pickle pie. We had the wong idea!
by Renka912 November 21, 2012
When you watch too much of the Oprah Winfrey Network and you suddenly feel like an empowered middle aged black woman.
Kari: "ohhhh man, I got OWNed last night."

Amber: "who made a fool of you?? I'm gonna kick their---"

Kari: "No I just watched a marathon of Iyanla, Fix My Life."
by Renka912 November 09, 2012
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