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2 definitions by Renfield

A person who snitches on others to save his own Ass:very similar to definition of: "drop a dime"2. Informer,A Fink.
Look out for that A$$HOLE! he's a "Dime Dropper"
Hey.. Yo!.. Dime Dropper Rat on anybody today?
by Renfield October 06, 2006
Someone that hang's around like a urinal cake, constantly bitching/complaining about the same thing day after day soon everybody start's to get pissed off just hearing his or her ramblings
..Stop being a Piss Biscuit and get this done.
..Can't you find something else to bitch about ya, Piss Biscuit?
..There he goes again ole' Piss Biscuit is on his "soap box" again
by renfield December 27, 2006