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4 definitions by Renfan

heightened piece of earth,sometimes there are villages on a hill
i'm living on a hill in the desert
by Renfan April 16, 2006
meaning "sucks" or "sucking"
U R Teh Suxx0rs (you're a sucker)
U suxx0rs!! (you suck)
by Renfan April 16, 2006
A lame person who stands on a hill in a game,from where he shoots a distant objects (i.e.: c&c:renegade : standing on a map,to kill the obelisk and not being hit with it,of camping there with an arty)
Server : "You've been kicked for being a hillcamper!"
by Renfan April 16, 2006
getting an orgasm when masturbating to Jean Luc Piccard from the star trek series
after I watched star trek, I masturbated On Jean Luc Piccard and had a Stargasm
by Renfan April 16, 2006