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3 definitions by Renee'

to be lookin' at someone too much. like starin' at them. or lookin' too hard at sum one.
why is this boy grittin' me??
by Renee' February 19, 2005
28 7
bamfligga is word you use when excited
when someone sticks a finger in your butthole.
by Renee' January 31, 2005
3 10
Little Jimmy Urine Married A Young Lady Known as Pistachio Nut. Pistachio Nut got knocked up by Jimmy and had a daughter known as Miss Urine. Pistachio Nut and Jimmy Urine are separated and by the Year 2005 Pistachio Nut will be Miss H.
MissUrine is such a little fag!
by Renee' July 15, 2004
3 24