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A individual that forfits their right to choose in favor of inclusion in groupthink and what is viewed as popular or elete group. Allowing the influences of different forms of media and group members to hold great sway in the formation of attitudes, behavoir and opinion.
To accept the group mentality and opinion as fact without examination.
Not only to be told what to do, but accepting the paradigm of thought as absolute thereby removing the weight of personal responsibility in the making of decisions.

Sheeple say that in 2003 American President Bush invaded the peaceful little country of Iraq without a reason and illegally, because
(a) he wanted to steal oil
(b) as a revange for 9/11
(c) because Saddam was going attack the US with wmds
(d) to drive up the price of Haliburton stock
(choose any that apply -- these and other childish slogans are floating around, sometime in combination).
by Rene Brix May 16, 2007

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